The ABC Open Aftermath project is an online documentary feature exploring stories of disaster, resilience and recovery across Australia. As producer for Southern Queensland, I played a significant role in this project, documenting stories of flood recovery from Grantham to Oakey from January 2011.

As part of this community-based project, I also facilitated various photo workshops with communities, building photography and web publishing skills to assist people to document stages of their journey to recovery.


Marty Warburton

Marty Warburton has always been a major contributor to town life in Grantham. He has previously served the community as a member of the local council for 8 years, and is also the owner of the local service station. In the wake of the floods, he has been taking a leadership role in helping the town get back on its feet.

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Derek Schultz

Derek Schultz grows shallots, broccoli, melons, and pumpkins on a vegetable farm in Grantham, QLD. While enjoying a family holiday on the coast, Grantham was devastated by torrential flooding. They returned some days later to find their home and livelihood almost completely destroyed.

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The Mahon Family

After working 6 days a week for the last 36 years, and raising four kids John and Kathy Mahon had earned the right to take it a little easier. Then one January afternoon, they were at home with their youngest daughter and her two boys, when the floods that hit Grantham almost took their lives, destroyed their home and left them without an income.

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Other stories

Louise Teese

Louise Teese is a photographer and artist living in Laidley, Queensland. In January’s floods, Louise lost six years worth of her artwork and over $15,000 worth of camera equipment. For Louise, the disaster of the flood has brought an opportunity for self-development. She has since bought her first digital camera, and is taking new artistic directions.

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Natalie Crank

Natalie Clark is a dairy farmer working on her family’s farm in Oakley, Queensland. Passionate about working with animals, she loves seeing her calves grow up into full grown cows. In January 2011, Floods hit their farm hard, since then the Crank family has been struggling to get back on their feet.

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What’s keeping you going Grantham?

The reopening of the Grantham petrol station was a significant milestone for the residents of the Lockyer Valley. This audio-slideshow captures community spirit and the emotional roller coaster of recovery.

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Grantham community mourns the death of Paul Lockyer

On Thursday 18th August 2011, three ABC staff were killed in a tragic helicopter accident. One of these men was Paul Lockyer, a veteran journalist who reported extensively on the floods in Grantham. This video captures the connection this community had with Lockyer.

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